Classic Rock Review

Band: Ray
Title: Somewhere In The Universe

An album that contains twelve original songs and two Jethro Tull covers, 'Broadford Bazaar' and 'Jackalynn' and is dedicated to Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. The Tull covers come about because the rest of the album might be original songs but they are done in a rich Tull style with vocalist Ray Roehner sounding remarkably like Ian Anderson with flute and pennywhistle for extra authenticity. The band features John Berg on guitars. Mark Colicchia on drums, Gregory Piontek on basses and Christopher Sierzchula on keyboards and united they get a good rich Tull sound...

The original material is indeed a great idea and the songs could easily be that of the master Anderson himself, but of course they are not. The fourteen songs average out at about three and a half minutes and therefore never get tedious and I particularly liked 'Insights' with its orchestral backing, good percussion and piano arrangement. 'Jackalynn' at over five minutes is saved until last, a clever tactic. Must mention Elissa Kudrin who gives the album something extra special with her violin input, especially on 'Tribute To JT'. You wouldn't necessarily have to be a Tull fan to enjoy the whole album and that has to be a plus point for the band.

Martin Hudson - Editor - Wondrous Stories Magazine/Classic Rock Society

Empire Magazine Music Review

A very nice CD finally found its way from Kenmore/USA to Germany. It's incredible how it's possible that this musical treasure could have been unknown in Germany until now. If you listen to SITU you believe it's a compilation of unknown Jethro Tull songs. It's not only the quality of the's also that the singer and bandleader Ray Roehner sounds like Ian Anderson. None of the songs would be a negative on a Jethro Tull album...and some of them would be highlights.

Besides the 12 original songs, there are cover versions from two Tull songs. No wonder about that if you take a look at the CD cover. There you can see that SITU is a tribute to Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. Ok, they will not win a prize for originality but this kind of tribute CD is much more creative than the lots of cover CDs on which modern bands play classics like Yes, Genesis or Camel. SITU is not an overview about the whole style of Jethro Tull. They play only the more calm and acoustic songs. Some more rockier tracks like Locomotive Breath would also have been quite good.

If you like the live-album, "A Little Light Music" than SITU is exactly the right stuff for you.
SITU is a good investment if you are a Jethro Tull fan or if you you like calm, dreaming music.
And don't forget...this is a CD which you can listen to with your girlfriend or wife (who normally hates your progrock!).

Martin Dambeck - Empire Magazine

Progressive Music Review

Buffalo, NY band RAY's debut CD - "Somewhere In The Universe" - states "Dedicated to Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull" on the CD cover, has a song entitled "Tribute to JT," has much to say about Tull in the liner notes, and two of the CD's fourteen songs are Tull covers (Broadford Bazaar & Jackalynn). In short, these guys are into Jethro Tull.

However, though I suspect the band would be proud to be labeled a Tull clone, I hesitate to do that. The songs on the CD are so good and so well executed, that I prefer to say that they come from the Jethro Tull school of progressive medieval folk rock. The acoustic instruments and flutes abound, and two songs (Open the Door & Live Your Life) incorporate sax in an interesting way. Some songs, like Insights, even get downright symphonic.

Listening closely, I notice parts of songs, like Planet of Tears, even have a very early Genesis sound. Only parts though, as they quickly return to the Tull influence.

So if you're into Jethro Tull, or just like good, solid, acoustic progressive song-oriented rock, then I highly recommend this band.

Jerry Kranitz - Editor - Progressive Music Site

Mellotron Magazine Review

Few groups can take influences and yet maintain an individual identity as is the case with RAY. In his debut album, "Somewhere In The Universe", he has decided to tribute Jethro Tull! He has developed musical ideas such as those shown in the memorable, "Minstrel in the Gallery" from 1975. The album progresses through short compositions of impressive ability and excellent performance in which they utilize the predominance of acoustic guitars, flutes, bagpipes, and other acoustic instruments which combine to achieve a wonderful climate of progressive rock produced by this new troubadour.

The album is directly dedicated to JT as well as their fans, and the band covers two compositions by Anderson, "Jackalynn" and Broadford Bazaar". Among songs by the band which stand out are "Open the Door", "Planet of Tears", "Ahead in the Game", "Tribute to JT", "Skye", and the title track. This band of North American origin is lead by Ray Roehner on vocals, flute, and guitar. Especially outstanding is the brilliant work of John Berg on acoustic guitar, as well as that of Gregory Piontek on bass and Christopher Sierzchula on keyboards.

In summary, this is a great new offering for Jethro Tull fanatics that are looking for that old style with new ideas.

Atropos Magazine Review

Ray Roehner, singer, acoustic guitar, flute, and pennywhistle, is a great admirer of the amazing universe of Jethro Tull, and he shows it through "Somewhere In The Universe". The album is dedicated to Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. They redid two versions of Tull songs, "Broadford Bazaar" and "Jackalynn", and one of their own songs, "Tribute to JT" also demonstrates this admiration.

During these times in which tribute albums are constantly in the record market (Camel, Yes, Pink Floyd, JT, Rush, Tequila), Ray produced this tribute disc with his own songs, although these originals in "Somewhere In The Universe" are full of Jethrotullian influence. Ray has captured the sounds and musical ways of Ian Anderson with a collection of cool and relaxing pieces, the majority of them inspired in mainly acoustic form like in the folk epoch "Songs from the Wood". This is shown from the vocal texture of Ray Roehner and his acoustic guitars to the electrics of John Berg, maybe the alter ego of Martin Barre. With the exception of two songs, 12 short songs compose this record. The majority of them, if not all, are at a very high level. "Planet of Tears" initially builds from an acoustic song and grows in its progressive nature, exploding at the end reaching a climax of electric guitar, violin, and flute. This is also the way "Jackalynn" builds up. Of the many hits of the album are "Yellow Lake", "Skye", "Open the Door", "The Golden Rule", and "For All That Should Be"....all acoustic based cuts that remind one of "Jack in the Green". "Insights" is pure progressive rock of great beauty with intense harmonies that recall moments of Genesis' "Trick of the Tail" era. "Jackalynn", of which I've already mentioned, is probably the best cut of the disc, a fantastic version with a magnificent guitar solo.

While there are hundreds of clones of Yes or Genesis or Marillion on the planet, we can't say the same for Jethro Tull. Furthermore, the level of quality of this CD is excellent. I can extremely recommend buying this CD. I'm sure you will enjoy this journey into the realm of Ian Anderson. At this time, I am imagining Ray in "Rain from the Stars" and I see the jesters that make up the jury talking of the excellence of this group and how well they perform. Can you imagine Lauren Castigo, Las Tenas, or Luqui thought of as highly? I doubt it.

I am sure that they will make it big.

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