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Living with the Past...on the road again....

Ray and Ron jam at a Tull tribute show in NY.

"People want what's gone. People don't want the new music that's going on now. They just want to live in the past."
- Jeff Beck on today's music scene

"I think LWTP just did its greatest performance ever, and you had the audience loving it! I'm looking forward to being at your next show. The band's music acts like a time machine, bringing good time memories to life in the present..." - Bill I. - Tull fan from NY

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Ray and Living with the Past would like to thank everyone for a great 2015! We had a blast and greatly appreciate everyone's enthusiastic support for our shows. Please stay tuned for more, down the road....


Yes, even we have a mission statement: The goal of Living with the Past is to bring a live performance of the great music of Jethro Tull to the Tull fans who wish to hear music from the heyday of this great band. We endeavor not to mimic, look like, or act like Jethro Tull, but instead, concentrate on duplicating the sound, energy, and intensity of this amazing music. With two lead guitarists in the band, we can more closely represent the actual Tull sound from the albums, adding some twists to color it all with our own personal touch.
We hope you like's for you!

The band members are highly skilled, accomplished musicians with great credentials.

The addition of Ron LoCurto brings another world-class guitarist into the band. Ron's vast experience and amazing technique on both electric and acoustic guitars has catapulted the band to a whole new level. Having two great lead guitarists in the band allows them to better duplicate those blazing Tull guitar harmonies. You can find out more about Ron by visiting his website at

Ron LoCurto joins the chorus at LWTP...

Mark Colicchia (drums) and Christopher Sierzchula (keyboards) have played with the guys in the past, including on the CD, Somewhere in the Universe. Both are incredible musicians!

Mark Colicchia is rock steady on drums...

Christopher Sierzchula rivals the very best of them...

Bryan Owczarzak is an extremely talented bassist, and rounds out the band in great style.

Bryan Owczarzak, perfection on bass!

Of course, Ray and John Berg have been together for many years. According to them, this is the best lineup ever for the band, and has taken the band up a major level, not only in musicianship, but synergy.

John Hugo Berg, guitarist extraordinaire...

Ray said, "The thing about this band, is that we are all on the same page, and when we play together, it is as if we are one unit operating as though we are indeed one entity. We get to the point on stage, where the music just flows in a very effortless way, like we are all on the same wavelength which makes the music even more fun to play. We're just up there having a good time, playing the best music ever created by the best band of all time, the mighty Tull. Playing with these guys is a blast!"

Living with the Past is:

Ray - vocals, acoustic guitar, flute
John Berg and Ron LoCurto - acoustic and electric guitars
Christopher Sierzchula - keyboards
Bryan Owczarzak - bass
Mark Colicchia - drums


Tull with Lucia jam
(Photo courtesy of Andy Cooke)

LIVE: Video of Tull and Lucia performing "Kashmir"

Video: 1976 Vintage Tull - Quiz Kid and Crazed Institution

Video: 1979 LIVE Tull - Dark Ages!

Ian signs an autograph on tour

Ray - Questions and Answers: Jethro Tull and LWTP

We now have an FAQ sort of section on this page, a question and answer section from you and Ray..... if you have a question or comment you'd like Ray or the band to respond to,
send us an email.

Questions about Ray, Living With The Past, etc. will be answered here,
so please send your emails to
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Hope you enjoy this site feature. Your questions and comments are most welcome by Ray and the boys.

Debbie (Florida) - I have two questions....we all know that Tull is the BEST, but what made you decide to put all this work into a tribute band instead of doing original music? Do you plan on making another CD?
Ray - We do have original material as well, but this particular band, Living With The Past, is a tribute to our favorite band....a band that we feel somewhat indebted to for all the great music they've given to us and the rest of the music fans around the world for 40 years and running. Every member of this band is a Tull fan, and we do it for the love of the music...certainly not for the money! The shows we have done so far have been well-received, and it's great to hear the comments and cheers from those in attendance....folks like us who also have been touched by the magic of this great music. It's especially meaningful to know that we are instilling a renewed interest in the music from fans who've seen us but perhaps did not have the opportunity to see Tull in recent years....then you see them at the next show and they say they went out and bought 3 or 4 Tull CDs that they were lacking in their collections because of a song or two that we performed. It's things like that that keep driving us to continue on with the project. As for new material or future recordings....we've thought about a few different things. We are all very busy guys, with families, dayjobs, and horse manure to take care of....if you don't keep up on those things, it really tends to pile up on you! We would love to record some stuff, but right now it's not a priority of ours. Doing a few Tull tribute shows is though, and we will play more of them as long as people want to come out and see them. When the club's empty, we'll know it's time to throw in the towel.

Mike (New Hampshire) - Have you been backstage to meet Tull and what do they think about your tribute activities?
Ray - Yes, I've been backstage quite a few times, but mostly in the old days of Tull. As I grew older, I realized that the boys probably don't particularly like being bothered by groupies, paparazzi, and the likes of us fans, after a long day of travel, hotels, and an exhausting performance. I'm sure after the shows they much prefer to get a bite to eat, take a hot shower, and climb into a nice clean bed (hopefully without a careless hair on the pillow!). I've seen fans shove pens in Ian's face after a show and rudely ask for autographs that they will likely sell on EBAY to the highest bidder, and I swore that I would never intrude on them in that way.
As for what Tull thinks of our tribute thing, I doubt they really think much of it either way. They may think it's a cool idea and are hopefully flattered to think that the fans still care enough to try to put something like this together, but they are very busy and don't have time to think about who's playing in the local club in Niagara Falls! Having said that though, some of the boys did come to see us do an acoustic Tull thing a few years back, and that was great to see them there having a beer and watching us utterly butcher their great songs! But seriously, I do think they have some appreciation for what we are doing, and I think they know we have the band and the Tull fans best interests at heart.

Alex (California) - What's your favorite Tull song to perform live and why?
Ray - This is a tough one! There are so many great songs and I enjoy doing them all for different reasons. I find Locomotive Breath to be very challenging vocally and since my flute work is no where near Ian's, the flute solo is impossible to do justice to, but I love doing that song because of the raw energy of it. But I suppose my favorite one to do live is Aqualung. It is an amazing song to do live for me as well as the band....John Berg's guitar solos have always been a blast to witness on stage! I also love singing Broadsword....very moving lyrically, especially in this day and age we are living in today.

Sam (Pennsylvania) - How long have you been into Tull? What was your favorite tour?
Ray - I'm giving away my age here! I've been into Tull from the beginning, but Aqualung was the album that hooked me. I remember the first time I heard the album at a club in NY. The album had just been released and the club played Aqualung and Crosseyed Mary and it blew my mind....forever! I haven't been the same since! As for my favorite, that is very difficult. I've loved them all, really. Stormwatch was an amazing tour. Passion Play was a very magical tour, that I luckily got to see three times. I always told people that the Passion Play shows were like spending a few hours in heaven. Even after all these years I still feel that way about that tour.

Juan (Mexico City) - You sound like a great tribute band but do not look like Tull much. Some tribute bands look more like the original band they tribute. Will this change about your band?
Ray - Interesting question Juan. Funny, but interesting! Actually, this has come up before. No, I will not be wearing a 1970's Ian look-alike hair extension or beard in the future, nor will I don a codpiece any time soon. Heck, I won't even stand on one leg to "act" like Ian! Ian is one else could be Ian. The thing our band concentrates on, is the music. We try to tribute this great music the best we can by attempting to capture the feeling and intensity of the music, and to play the music as close to the original Tull sound as possible, while still adding our own signature to the music by doing some things slightly differently. I think attendees of our Tull shows appreciate that we try to give a convincing impersonation of the music instead. This is most meaningful to us as a band, so no, you won't ever see me acting like Ian or wearing the long flowing red locks from The Brick era or jumping around wildly on one leg. Some day, if we ever play in Mexico, please get in touch with me so we can meet and try to stand on one leg while drinking a cold Corona....but let's do it backstage, after the show!

Richard (London) - Why did you choose the name "Living With The Past" for your band instead of something more original and unique?
Ray - Well, we wanted to have a name that was obviously identifiable to Jethro Tull since we are strictly a Tull tribute band and do not plan on playing original music within the context of this particular band. In the past, other tribute bands similarly had names that hooked them to Tull's music, and we wanted to use a name that was previously not used by another band. "Living With The Past" was chosen as our band's name to honor the great Tull CD/DVD of the same name, which exemplified the live Tull experience. It's a great name that Tull came up with, and we are honored to have it as our band's name. And had we chosen "Back in Black" or "Hotel California" as the band's name, people coming to our shows would be rather shocked to hear what we were playing for them! So, we think we have a great name for the band, one that is very identifiable with Tull's music, and one that hopefully we won't need to pay Tull royalties for!

Living With The Past - Press Clipping:

The band has gotten rave reviews from fans and press is a press clipping from NY media.

Buffalo News

"Tribute bands have become an accepted segment of the music industry, primarily because so many of these bands have become adept at performing note for note replications of classic material from revered artists. For many, catching one of these bands in concert is the next best thing to seeing the real McCoy. "Ray" has chosen to follow the path less trod upon, turning his longtime love of Jethro Tull into what legendary Buffalo artist Mark Freeland enthuses is one of the most amazing tribute acts going. "Living With The Past" is the moniker Ray's group has chosen to drape itself in, and it's a fitting one. Even as far back as the late 60's, Tull leader and unequivocal genius Ian Anderson knew the benefit of keeping tongue firmly planted in cheek, and his song, in addition to giving Ray a name for his group, bespoke the power of the pastoral during a time when the old ways were being quickly swept asunder. Ray has long realized the power, magic, and timelessness of Anderson and Tull's unique mix of blues, folk, Celtic, classical, and progressive rock - a few years ago, he released an album under the nom de plume Ray. Titled "Somewhere in the Universe," it was dedicated lovingly to Anderson and Tull - and according to Freeland who caught the band last time it played a few months ago, he sings and plays flute very much in the Anderson vein. Word has it that Living With The Past pulls from various points throughout Tull's nearly 40 year career and replicates the music with technique and conviction, from the capoed acoustic guitar arpeggios to the snarling but sweet Les Paul/Marshall tone of guitarist Martin Barre.
This should be a real (and rare) treat for Tull fans." - Jeff Miers

Jethro Tull Work of Art Unveiled

After years of artistic seclusion, Ray has decided to unveil this wonderful work of art by Gloria Laurie (copyrighted), the original kindly given to him some years back by a fan from Vermont, Diane Swett. This original drawing was made into a micro-jigsaw puzzle and presented to Ian backstage by Diane....undoubtedly one of the best fan gifts Ian had ever been given. The original is proudly displayed in Ray's home.
Here it is.....for your entertainment.

Songs from the Mushroom

(All rights reserved.)

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Ray and his trusty steed, Angel the Wonderhorse.

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